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Retractable Shades in Miami, FL

Artepatio integrates technology and design in the shade solutions with a motorized retractable system made with marine grade aluminum and vinyl.

 Given its many flexible options, the versatility of the Retractable Shade System is unlimited with a wide range of installation options.



UV rated vinyl 



Waterproof pergolas


Our structures are motorized and controlled by remote control. 

Shade solutions for all type of conditions and designs.

All our shades can retracta in an event of storm


Custom retractable roofs provide complete coverage on virtually any condition. These shades are motorized and operated by remote control. They can also be integrated in the home automatization system. 

Multiple optional components and accessories, allowing for aesthetically and functionally optimal customization: retractable fabric sliding roof, canvas shade, LED lighting, motorized.

  • Structure made entirely of high quality aluminum such as used in the airline industry

  • Quality stainless steel hardware used in the marine industry.

  • All fabrics are 100% acrylic waterproof fabric guaranteed 5 years against fading.

  • Motorized, operated by remote control

  • These materials have a resistance to winds over 105 MPH and do not rust.

  • All parts and components are recyclable.

  • Superior quality at an affordable price

Retractable Pergola.jpeg

Retractable Shades and Awnings

Exposure to UV rays can lead to skin issues referred to as photoaging, which can cause early aging of the skin and forming of wrinkles on the skin. Our retractable shades and awnings are designed to protect you from the effect of harmful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy the comfort of spending time outdoors. 

The following are the types of shades and awnings we offer. You can read through the given description to find out the one that interests you. You can also reach out to our experts for further consultations. 

Wire-Hung Canopy

Our slide on wire-hung canopies provides a high-level UV protection while adding an extra shade and enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Wire-hung canopies allow you maximum control over the amount of light you want in your backyard. They are installed with a durable wiring system and will enable you to retract or extend the shade panels from either direction. Wire-hung canopies are ideal for when you want an extra layer of protection from the sun or when you just want a clear view of the sky.

Slide on Track Canopy

Slide on Track canopy is an improved version of the wire-hung canopy. It is designed on hefty aluminum runners, and the retractable canvas folds into a beautiful and soft pleat. Slide on track canopy glides open when you want a sunbath in your outdoor living space or when you want to enjoy the soothing sound of rain while sitting outside. This is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. 

Lateral Arm Awning

The lateral arm awnings add a modern and unique look to your outdoor living spaces. It extends from an enclosure when retracted and can be easily mounted on the wall. Providing protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, it also protects your furnishing from rain. Lateral Arm Awning provides a silent and contact-free operation to make the fabric last longer.

Tension Rod Roller Shades

Tension Rod Roller Shades is based on a roll retractable mechanism. These add style and luxury to your living spaces and at the same time provides you ideal protection from the sun. Tension rod roller shades feature a tensioned and strong fabric panel to create a protective shade and are often used in patios surrounded by open-air structures, and sun porches. These are ideal for properties that want customized shading with a luxurious design. 

Vertical Awning

Vertical awning screens can easily eliminate sun glow and keep the harmful UV radiations out cutting down on the heat. Vertical awning screens are a superior blend of performance and enhanced look giving your outdoor living space the luxurious and elegant look it needs. Along with added protection from the sun rays, vertical awning screens can provide you privacy as well.

We aim to offer the best products and services at affordable rates that do not empty your bank account. You can easily check out the above shades and awnings to find the best one for your needs. 






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