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Margherita Pizza Oven / Cart

Margherita Pizza Oven / Cart

SKU: FWO00030

Stainless Steel Price $ 3,498


Our smallest, residential, woodfired pizza oven, the Margherita was designed from the ground up to cook perfect, Italian wood-fired pizza. The Margherita heats up its floor surface to 750°F in just 30 minutes, allowing you to create pizza cooked to perfection on the wood-fired stone.  For Neapolitan pizza lovers, the optional Saputo stones allow you to cook pizza at 850°F / 454.4°C without burning the bottom of the dough. Consuming 5x less wood than a traditional ceramic pizza oven, the Margherita is not only efficient, it is also compact, & portable making it an ideal choice for those who want a pizza oven for outdoor entertaining. You're not just limited to making pizza, the Margherita also excels at preparing meats, veggies, breads, & desserts. And because its a Fontana, you can rest assured that its engineered to perform & built to last.



External Dimensions: 34"D, 31"W, 77"H

Internal Dimensions: 24"D, 24"W, 14"H

Pizza Capacity: Two 10" pizzas | one 12" pizza

  • Manufacturer: Fontana Forni

    Chamber Type: Single - Fire in Cooking Chamber

    Fuel Type: Wood

    Max Temperature Rating: 900°F / 482.2°C; the highest on the market

    External Dimensions: 34"D, 31"W, 77"H

    Internal Dimensions: 24"D, 24"W, 14"H

    Cooking Surface Area: 24"D, 16"W, 14"H

    Pizza Capacity: Two 10" pizzas | one 12" pizza

    Weight: 242 lbs. w/ cart | 187 lbs. countertop

    Included Accessories: Oven door, wood holder, fire poker & cooking stones


    •  Two-year warranty against manufacturer defect.
    • Four-year warranty on the dome of the cooking chamber.


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