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Lux Natura

Lux Natura

All of our Century planters are constructed from Acacia Wood and high-quality fiberglass material that won’t chip, crack or fade in the elements.  Great for hotel lobbies, restaurant patios and other commercial spaces, the Century’s classic, clean shape is elegant, eye-catching, and easy to design around. This fiberglass planter features a broad, circular mouth and a tapered base for a style that is both modern and classic is bases in a natural Acacia Wood.


Price are according to size. (see size chart)

  • With a sophisticated tapered shape, the Century adds elegance to any space.

    • A versatile, classic shape that’s great for residential and commercial spaces
    • Its substantial size makes it perfect for spacious yards, patios, and indoor spaces like lobbies
    • Large enough to comfortably accommodate trees or large plants that need room to spread out


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