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Luxe Interiors + Design’s 2020 Gold List, is a selection guide to the Architects, Interior Designers, Home Builders and Landscape Architects whose projects were featured in the magazine. Last month one of our projects was selected to be listed.

Making Connection

Its was three years ago when we first visited the house. Is was a big #patio with a big #swimmingpool dividing the area in two unrelated parts. We immediately saw the opportunity to connect the space using a deck and stepping stones like the core element in the design. The architect wanted something unique, so we had to take all our experience and skills to offer him something new. The result was a state of art in #patiodesign.

Creating Balance

Once we decided the layout and it was approved by the architect and the owner, we then took care of the elements, materials and details. We wanted to create balance and harmony into the space. We selected a luxury composite deck, that made contrast with the natural stones for the stepping stones.

We used a new technic to installed the deck with an aluminum frame integrated with a concrete slab to fix both the deck and the paver stones.

With a combination of color, textures and geometric shapes we created balance into the outdoor space.

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