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Ideas to decorate a small balcony

Do you feel like you can't make the most of your balcony because of its small surface area? Fitting out and decorating a small balcony is indeed a challenge.

But it is possible, even with a small budget and a really limited surface. Before you start, we recommend that you think about how you want to use your balcony. The first step in any project is to know the function you will be giving to the space.

The main question: How do you want to use your balcony?

Do you want to set up your outdoor space to receive friends and enjoy the sunny days? You have to take advantage of the smart and practical accessories to transform a small balcony into a gather area. In this case, the furniture to use is very important, it has to bee relaxing to invite friends to feel comfortable but at the same time with a smart use of the space elegant accessories that transform a balcony in another social room of your house. A furniture set with a table game would be a great idea.

Do you prefer to arrange your balcony as a relaxation area? There's no shortage of ideas, and it's very simple to set up. In this case you have to look for super comfortable furniture, study the privacy you can have in the space, so you may need plants that hide the area from the outside. A nice Loveseat with a rug and a planter are key pieces. It may help you to feel cozy and loved surrounded by nature.

Perhaps you want to arrange a modular and multifunctional balcony, to take meals, receive guests, garden, relax? You can do it all by maximizing space, with the concept of “zones”. This is how you can transform a bored space into a lovely area to enjoy and feel happy in.

The zones concept is achieved by dividing the space into parts with different and independent characters, interconnected with each other. The most important aspects to take in consideration here are: proportions and materials. Divide the space in proportions according with the use and use materials that can be interconnected in the different areas. Creating balance among the zones using with diverse materials is the key to achieve a great balcony design.

Before and after in a small balcony project.



Do not worry about the size. The dimension is not the main thing here, the most important thing is to use it wisely. By selecting smart pieces of furniture and why not good advisers. When you have a small space you may be able to buy better quality pieces of furniture, so do not complain. Enjoy your renovation!

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