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Arte Patio – Get the best Outdoor Kitchen Help from the best in Miami

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Kitchens are definitely the undisputed heart of your home. This is the place where everyone gathers, lingers, and mingles during parties. This is also the place where all the goodness at the dinner table is prepared. Setting up an indoor kitchen is well and good but to achieve that same kind of appeal outside would mean expanding your outdoor living space. The aura to draw a crowd and keep the crowd entertained will require a lot more than just laying down tables and a few plastic chairs.

With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare any kind of meal and be able to remain around your guests with minimal time spent running around inside to get plates, tongs, or beverages. Not only that, with an outdoor kitchen your guests can relax on one side while you cook for them on the other, making it feel like you’re part of the gathering.

How to build an outdoor kitchen?

1. Think of the outdoor kitchen ideas and come up with a design plan

The first step to starting your outdoor kitchen would be to come up with a design plan. Brainstorm all the potential outdoor kitchen ideas and have a blueprint of how you’d want your kitchen to look. Measure the patio and assess the square footage, and decide how much space you’d need. For further help, don’t hesitate to contact a professional agency like Arte Patio and take their help. They’ll offer you tons of great outdoor kitchen ideas to improve the look of your kitchen.

2. Outdoor kitchen framing

Once you’ve come up with a plan, it is time to decide how to frame your kitchen. It is important that you build the essential components. Most people choose to structure their kitchen space around the grill but if a smoker or wood-burning oven feels more important to you, then make it the focal point of your kitchen.

Whichever way you want to frame your outdoor kitchen, make sure that you arrange the design atop a finished deck or patio. Once you’ve installed the main components, fill up the gaps with the designed additions to improve the look. Take your time and incorporate new appliances, accessories, and cabinets as needed.

3. Outdoor kitchen essentials and appliances

Just like the stove is the heart of the kitchen, the most important part of your outdoor kitchen will be the grill. However, there are other cooking appliances that should be considered too –

Built-in grills – A grill would be a crucial staple for your backyard kitchen. Charcoal grills tend to get extremely hot and add delicious to any meal whereas gas grills are very easy to use and heat food evenly.

Smokers – Smokers are designed for slowly cooking meat or beef over a longer duration of time. It’ll add a smoky finish to the classic barbecue taste.

Outdoor pizza ovens – Love homemade pizza, bread, and roasted dishes? Then you’ll definitely love these. Most of them use less fuel than your traditional grills while they’re also easy to assemble.

Fryers – These appliances are designed for frying large amounts of foods including potatoes, turkeys, and seafood, making them perfect for your backyard feast.

4. Outdoor seating and decoration

An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without having a neat place to sit and enjoy the meals. The last step would involve adding some finishing touches to your outdoor space with a classy patio set and some complimentary outdoor lighting.

Contact the experts on Outdoor Kitchens from Arte Patio in Miami, FL and get more assistance from the best.

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