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Create your Outdoor Kitchen Step by Step

When you know the path, you can feel more confident about to do something, even though it's something new for you. Start a new project in your house can be a challenge and it can make you feel fear about to do something grown.

It is always recommended to hire a professional who can save you a lot of headaches, but if you want to have this kind of experience yourself, it's better having a guide to follow step by step to finish the complete project.

First Step: Define the Layout

Identify the space you wish to use for cooking outside. It's always recommended close to the indoor kitchen to have the electrical and plumbing accesible. Once you know in which space you would like to have your outdoor kitchen, you need to take dimensions and make a sketch.

We think the layout shape of your kitchen must be defined by the size of the space, the appliances you want to incorporate, the areas you want to include, like bar in an island or peninsula.

It is always important to use the outdoor kitchen area to connect with the other part of the patio. Remember to have always a whole patio in your mind and integrate everything within.

Second Step: Define your Style

Second step to build an outdoor kitchen is to define the Cabinet Doors that will defined your kitchen style.

Artepatio Outdoor Kitchens brings function and style together through our exclusive stainless steel doors for outdoor kitchens which are made in the USA. Our stainless steel cabinet doors and drawer fronts provide functional strength and durability, while the extensive color palettes, realistic wood grains, metallic hues and other decorative powder coat finishes bring style, color and design to what was once a drab space.

Third Step: Select your Color

Third step to build an outdoor kitchen is to select the finish you want to fix your style.

Our Outdoor Kitchen colors are applied through a powder coat finishing process. Each component of our powder coated doors are painted prior to assembly, eliminating direct exposure of the stainless steel to the environment. This hinders the chance for rust over time and provides a nearly maintenance-free powder coat finish. 

Our Outdoor Kitchens also offers realistic wood grain powder coat finishes, enhancing the design quality of your outdoor living space by providing the look and style of real wood without the wear and maintenance. 

Fourth Step: Select your Countertop

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, two elements that bring a kitchen together are the cabinets and countertops.  So the last step in designing your outdoor kitchen is to select the countertop that fix your style and give you more benefice.

Ample counter space is essential for food preparation if you plan to do a lot of outdoor cooking and entertaining in the backyard. When choosing your countertops for the outdoors, remember the durability is critical. Outdoor kitchen countertops need to last over time and withstand seasonal climate changes, but also need to have a right look and feel to match the design of the outdoor space.


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