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The Outdoor Furniture Miami,


its materials and trends have been transformed over the years and are already as valued in decoration as the interior.

Modern, bold, traditional designs, reflecting the environments and styles that we take to our house, are able to turn your terrace, patio, porch or garden into a more home stay.

Different materials for outdoor furniture have also evolved. Here you will find the characteristics of the most used. Then, you can choose the one that best suits your space and your economy.

Iron and wrought iron furniture abroad: tradition and durability
wrought iron outdoor furniture

Light, simple and charming, wrought iron furniture, safe bet.

Iron is traditional material in terrace and garden furniture. It gives the gardens and porches a romantic touch in the English or French way.

The iron ones have a heavier and stronger appearance and the wrought ones give a greater sensation of lightness.

Usually painted in shades such as white, black and English green, now the color has invaded these designs and we find them in the trend colors with a spectacular result.

Although the material withstands the rain and the inclement weather, the paint will deteriorate and you will have to repaint them. Here you can see the best way to paint iron and wrought iron furniture.


Wooden Outdoor Murniture Miami

Teak Outdoor Furniture Miami

Teak wood deck chair, very popular. Photo © Maisons du Monde

- Pine furniture, although made of soft wood, can stand the test of time perfectly.

You can protect them from rain, insects and fungi by treating them with organic varnishes and dyes, better if they are water repellent. A good trick is to preserve them with varnishes suitable for boat wood.

- Teak furniture and tropical wood: materials suitable for outdoor use due to its hardness and weather resistance.

They have a soft golden color that will keep if you take care of them with varnishes and special oils. Over time and the weather the teak acquires a gray tone, which some also like.

But if you want to keep their original color you should treat them with teak oil, at least twice a year.

Do not worry if you have already acquired the gray tone because using a specific recuperator for sale in specialized stores will again have that tone among golden honey.

When you buy a piece of furniture from this wood, make sure that it comes from sustainable and controlled plantations.


Natural and artificial stone furniture, turning your eyes to the past

Stone Outdoor Furniture Miami !

Marbles, granites and slate are the raw material of beautiful garden furniture. They are all resistant natural stones, which do not require much care and, in addition, improve their appearance with time and erosion.

Combined with some discrete statue or fountain and adjusting to the space with a landscape criterion they provide the gardens with a very natural appearance.

You can form a group of table and seats, or put loose benches in garden areas that you want to provide a certain environment: romantic, inspiring or relaxing.

The stone benches attached to the wall of the house provide a rustic and casual look and the patina of time extra charm.

Its main disadvantage is weight and size. You have to make sure where you want to place them because these furniture are not easy to move. Nor can you use them on terraces.

On the market, there are now also artificial stone garden furniture made with a cluster of materials that get their shape through molds.

They are cheaper but they also look more artificial and you have to search and choose well so that this characteristic does not derive in an unnatural space or of little taste.


Plastic and resin furniture, the practical scene

Resin Outdoor Furniture Miami !

Braided resin set with wicker effect.

The plastic and resin outdoor furniture has been imposed in the exterior decoration.

Some mimic the plot of wicker and rattan and have the absolute advantage that they endure the sun and rain, are easy to clean and care for and their designs have evolved a lot.

You will find sofas, armchairs, tables, waitresses, sun loungers and sidewalks in different colors and sizes.

The furniture of smooth plastic resins are economical, stackable and are already manufactured in different colors.

Normally, this type does not stand out for the design but for its practicality and has already evolved to new models.

Its cleaning is simple: a damp cloth with neutral detergent and it is sufficient if usual maintenance is done.

Aluminum furniture, light and modern

Outdoor Furniture Miami aluminum

Braided resin and aluminum.

Aluminum furniture is light, clean, modern and cheap.

Terraces, gardens, porches, patios, are also common in the outdoor terraces of cafes and restaurants. They do not weigh and combined with artificial fibers or wood are a popular option that can be taken advantage of with an appropriate combination of textiles.

Simply clean them with a damp cloth and withstand the weather without problems.

Wicker and rattan furniture, very natural

wicker-outdoor tables

Wicker, rattan and bamboo outdoor furniture are made of natural fibers obtained directly from the plant.

Flexible and malleable, with them you get warm and cozy furniture that, complete with appropriate textiles, brings charm to the spaces.

They are delicate against the inclement weather so you have to place them in covered spaces because they can't stand the rain well.

They are also used in interior decoration.

Textiles and colors, trends in outdoor furniture

Metal and colored furniture, trends this season.

The color has reached all the materials and the design has turned simple and simple terrace furniture into elements that have also been integrated into interior decorations.

Outdoor textiles are also innovative, you can choose them with special treatments that make them almost waterproof and with very current designs.

A tip for outdoor furniture and textiles: when you do not use them, out of season or in case of inclement weather, cover them with covers that keep them preserved: you will extend your life a lot.

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