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Boat-Floor is very proud of its non-skid, stain-resistant, closed cell PE/EVA, waterproof, UV-protective flooring that's 1/3 thicker than the industry standard, providing better comfort and sound insulation for a better outdoor living experience.


Order a sample and stick it to something to test the 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure adhesive, then grind dirt into it, soak it in red wine, pirouette with muddy feet and whatever else you think might happen on your boat.


BOAT-FLOOR successfully targeted five areas:

  • Better pricing;

  • Thicker material, using 8mm as our standard instead of 5mm or 6mm;

  • And faster turn-around and installation. 

  • But we really raised the bar in the way your boat is measured for BOAT-FLOORS, because there were far too many mistakes in the long-accepted industry practice of the customer buying either a typical floorplan based on their boat's standard model, or a bunch of tracing paper to tape to their deck and then try to trace it accurately, with the customers assuming all the responsibility for errors. 

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